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Wilton Gum Tex Tylose Powder

Wilton Gum Tex Tylose Powder
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Wilton Gum Tex Tylose Powder
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  • Brand: Wilton
  • Model: 707-2600

Improve the strength and elasticity of your fondant and gum paste by adding Wilton Gum-Tex™ Tylose Powder. The addition of Gum-Tex reduces dry time for thin flower petals and helps decorations, like pleated drapes, hold their shape. Eliminate your frustrations when working with gum paste in humid conditions ?Gum-Tex makes gum paste easier to work with, no matter the humidity level. You'll love the convenience of Gum-Tex. Just knead it into premade gum paste and fondant as needed, or use it to make your own gum paste

6oz / 170g jar