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Roxy and Rich Fondust - Neon Orange

Roxy and Rich Fondust - Neon Orange
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Roxy and Rich Fondust - Neon Orange
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Roxy and Rich Fondust

4g jar 

Fondust can be used to colour sugarpaste/fondant, modelling paste, florist paste, marzipan, almond paste, buttercream, piping gel, royal icing, cake mix, macarons, cookie dough, pastry and candy; literally anything else you can imagine (other than chocolate).

To get the most vibrant colours, we advise mix with alcohol, lemon juice or Quick Paint to make a paint.

Due to its concentration, a little goes a long way when using Fondust. For example, you will only need 3g of Fondust to colour 1Kg of sugarpaste. These fully edible colourings are the pinnacle of decorating colours, equally brilliant for experts looking to achieve an intensely vibrant finish, or for novice decorators that simply want the ease of use and coverage. 

The Fondust colours are: - Gluten Free. - Lactose Free. - Nut Free. - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. - Water soluble.  100% Edible, as tested by an independent lab. FDA approved.

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may appear different in the pot than how they apply. This is perfectly normal. We advise testing a swatch so you can see what the final results will be.