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Tools, Mats and Nails

Brand: Cake Warehouse Model: E5474
5pc Silicone Modelling Tool Set Ideal for use with fondant or gum paste for sculpting. Flexible tool heads are ideal for shaping intricate details like mouths, eyes, hands, etc.Tools are:1. Tapered Point2. Round Cup3. Chisel Cup4. Flat Chisel5. Angled ChiselSize 1 - total length 18.5cm, head le..
Model: E723
8 piece modelling tool setIdeal for use with fondant or gum paste for flower making and other sculpting.Each tool is double ended so a total of 16 different tool styles.1. Vein and small bone 2. Bulbous cone and small ball3. Knife and scallop4. Serrated cone and tapered cone5. Large bone and dr..
Brand: Cake Warehouse Model: FFFS
Flower Forming Foam SetDry fondant and gumpaste decorations in cups for a realistic looking finish.  Great for petals, leaves and flowers.19 x 24cm, set of 2..
Brand: Cake Warehouse Model: SC-PP240
Double sided fondant foam pad Foam has various sized holes to assist with flower making 24 x 18cm..
Plastic Flower Former
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Model: SCKP 43-9040
Petal Crafts Flower Former, ideal for drying flowers without stems. Each cup approx. 3/4" dia. 25 cups per former.Made of plastic..
Model: UBSC 937248
Stainless Steel Sculpting Tool SetSet of 3 double-sided modelling tools, each approx 16cm in length.Great for modelling figures and flowers.Rubber wrapped center for easy grip...
Brand: Sugar Crafty Model: SC-MT14
Sugar Crafty Mini Modelling Tool Set14 double-sided modelling tools, each approx 13cm in length.Great for modelling small figures and flowers.Includes mini ball tools, bone tool, shell, blade, dresden, etc...
Brand: Wilton Model: 1907-1349
 Working with fondant is easier with the Wilton 3-Pc. Fondant and Gum Paste Starter Tool Set.    Three double-ended tools in the Wilton 3-Pc. Fondant and Gum Paste Starter Tool Set make it easy to shape, detail and cut your fondant.    The ball tool has a lar..
Brand: Wilton Model: 417-1199
Easily transfers buttercream flowers from nail to cake without damage. Angled design keeps your hands from touching the cake. Detachable blades for easy cleaning. 5 1/4 in. long...
Wilton Flower Nail #7
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Brand: Wilton Model: WT/402-3007
Provides the control you need when piping icing flowers. Just rotate the nail between your fingers as you pipe a flower on the head. Stainless steel. 1 1/2 inch..
Brand: Wilton Model: 1907-9704
Thick and thin squares are the ideal soft surface for shaping flowers, leaves and other fondant or gum paste cutouts. Use the thin square for thinning petal edges with a ball tool, carving vein lines on leaves and making ruffled fondant strips. Use the thick square for cupping flower centers...
Brand: Wilton Model: 1907-1276
Wilton Stainless Steel Modelling Tool Set This set includes 8 stainless steel, multi-purpose, dual-head tools needed to create details for 3-D figure modeling, fondant decorations and gum paste flowers. Tools include: Ball tool large/smallPick tool sharp/roundDog bone tool large/smallSmile to..
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