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Cake Craft Heavy Duty Sculpture Turntable
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Brand: Cake Craft Model: S CC101625
Cake Craft Heavy Duty Sculpture TurntableProfessional quality turntable suitable for even the heaviest cakes.Cast metal with a non slip base.Reduced due to minor rubbing on paint base..
$119.00 $129.00
Cake Craft Pink Cake Turntable
New --49 %
Brand: Cake Craft Model: BNC MCT 31
Cake Craft Pink Cake TurntablePlastic bottom with a non slip base28cm aluminium top plate..
$119.00 $80.00
Handmade with Love Cake Turntable
Out Of Stock
Model: 353499
Handmade with Love cake decorating turntableSilver coloured plastic, non slip rubber pads and a 12 inch top surface.A basic turntable makes a huge difference to be able to easily cover a cake with buttercream or ganache, or add decorations. Every side of the cake is accessible with a small spin!..
Brand: Cake Warehouse Model: CT-TTP
Pink Glass Top TurntableSmooth turning action even with heavy cakesStrong plastic base with a non slip rubber cover...
Sugar Crafty Spin & Lock Turntable Sugar Crafty Spin & Lock Turntable
Out Of Stock
Brand: Sugar Crafty Model: SC-SPLOCT
Sugar Crafty Spin & Lock TurntableThe ultimate in turntable performance, the 12 inch (30cm diameter) Spin and Lock Turntable is one of the best quality turntables on the market. Its smooth glides will help you to ice steadily or ganache and finish cakes to perfection.Platform rotates in either d..
Wilton Decorating Turntable Wilton Decorating Turntable
Out Of Stock
Brand: Wilton Model: 307-6715
Wilton Basic Decorating Turntable.• Non-slip base • Removable 12 inch top, 3 inches high• Holds cakes up to 11 in. with platform visible — holds larger cakes if needed.• Scalloped edges add an interesting look for serving..
Wilton High and Low Turntable Wilton High and Low Turntable
Out Of Stock
Brand: Wilton Model: 307-0838
Decorating every inch of your cake just got easier with this adjustable turntable. The taller 5-inch setting is great for borders and side details, while the lower 3.45-inch setting is the perfect height for decorating the top. A non-slip base and soft-grip ring make sure your cake doesn't budge whi..
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