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Gum Paste / Modelling Paste

Brand: Bakels Model: BGWH500
Bakels Gum PasteUse to model flowers and figurines. Easily coloured using any gel colouring or powder dusts.500g packIngredients: Sugar, Glucose, Water, Maize Starch, Stabilisers (413, 466), Egg White Powder, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Free Flow Agent (170), Humectant (422), Modified Starch (1..
Brand: Cake Craft Model: S CI 7831
 Cake Craft Gum PasteWhite 250gReady to use modelling paste, good for modelling figures, flower making, etc.Colour using gel colours or powders...
Brand: Cake Dutchess Model: S CD 22509
Cake Dutchess Modelling Paste This modelling paste is naturally very firm, and doesn’t require any tylose powder or CMC powder. As such it stays in shape once moulded, doesn’t sag at all, and also has a very shiny and smooth texture, even after modelling for an hour! With a super white appear..
Satin Ice Gum Paste 1kg
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Brand: Satin Ice Model: SSI10255
Satin Ice Gum Paste (or Moulding Paste as it is also known) is a ready to use from the pail modeling/sculpting paste sugar icing, which is molded by hand into decorative pieces which set hard to the touch. It is used to produce life like sugar flowers and leaves, elegant ruffles, character figures, ..
Vizyon Gum Paste 1kg
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Model: V-FGPM-WHT-1
Vizyon White Gum Paste Vizyon gum paste is a ready to use modelling paste, suitable for making flowers, figures and other decorative features.Dries quicker and harder than fondant.Colour with gel paste colouring or powder colouring.1kg pack...
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