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Model: cccore
Cupcake corerRemove the middle of cupcakes quickly and easily so you can fill them for a delicious suprise!Colour may vary..
Brand: Wilton Model: WT/411-7369
Fill baking cups and pan cavities easily with no drips or mess! Built-in valve controls batter flow for uniform filling, so you get great-looking cupcakes and cakes every time. To use: Insert tip base into the decorating bag and push into the bottom of the bag. Cut the bag tip and attach the ba..
Brand: Wilton Model: 2308-1512
Core and fill jumbo marshmallows, cupcakes, brownies and other sweet treats easily by using the Wilton Treat Corer.Just dip the treat corer in cornstarch to avoid sticking, and press corer into treat to the depth desired. Remove core and fill with icing, fruit or mousse and then decorate as desired...
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