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Wilton 8 Pack Gel Colours
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Brand: Wilton Model: 03-610
Popular colours in 1 oz. jars (28g). 8 jars per pack Includes Colours: Red Red, Golden Yellow, Leaf Green, Royal Blue, Ivory, Pink, Violet and Black Use to colour fondant, buttercream, cake batters, cookie doughs, etc...
Wilton Candy Colours - Primary Wilton Candy Colours - Primary
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Brand: Wilton Model: 1913-1299
Wilton Candy Colours - PrimaryThis oil based colouring set is suitable to colour Candy Melts or chocolate.Melt your candy melts or chocolate and add oil colouring, a drop at a time until desired colour is reached.  Colours can be mixed to achieve different colours and shades.Pack of 4, 1/4oz ja..
Wilton White Icing Colour
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Brand: Wilton Model: 03-640
Wilton White White,  2oz bottle of white icing colouring.Stir in to whiten icing made with butter or margarine. Also helps to reduce yellow tones when colouring butter cream so you get a true colour.Can be used in white chocolate ganache, just colour the cream before mixing with the chocolate...
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